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Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect 80 grams Blister Card Assorted Slime Toy

Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect 80 grams Blister Card Assorted Slime Toy

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Introducing Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect, the 80-gram pot of original slimy stuff with a quirky twist that's bound to turn playtime into a symphony of amusingly disgusting noises! Packed in a Blister Card with assorted metallic slimes, this patented creation brings a whole new level of sensory fun to the table.

Slimy is a non toxic, non irritating polymeric play material. It comes with different properties which not only amuse children and adults but also helps in the development of dexterity and creativity. The Swiss Formula logo means the Slimy is produced using a unique formula, that guarantees its quality and safety.

Product Features:

  • Disgustingly Delightful Noises - Move your fingers around in Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect and get ready for a cacophony of hilarious, squishy sounds! This slime isn't just about the tactile experience; it's an auditory adventure that adds an extra layer of amusement to every squish, stretch, and squeeze.
  • Assorted Metallic Brilliance - Immerse yourself in the metallic magic with a variety of vibrant colors! Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect comes in assorted metallic shades, offering a visual feast for the eyes. From gleaming gold to cosmic silver, each pot brings a surprise burst of color to playtime.
  • Blister Card Packaging - Ready for Fun - Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect is neatly packaged in a Blister Card, making it a perfect gift for slime enthusiasts of all ages. Peel away the card, and let the laughter-inducing noises and metallic brilliance unfold. It's the ultimate surprise for birthdays, parties, or just a whimsical pick-me-up.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic Fun - Crafted with safety in mind, Slimy Mini Oops Metallic Effect boasts a non-toxic formula. Parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the disgusting fun is accompanied by a commitment to quality and safe play.

Item Dimension: 7.5 x 5 x 5.5 cm, 80 grams slime

*We cannot guarantee the color you will receive, however, you can request and we will try to accommodate depending on availability.

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