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Slimy Green Planet 250ml - 4 Color Assortment

Slimy Green Planet 250ml - 4 Color Assortment

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SLIMY - the one-of-a-kind gooey slime toy made with a patented Swiss formula using all-natural ingredients. Young and old alike will enjoy endless hours of oozing, goopy fun with classic Slimy and other popular Slimy products. 100% child safe.

Playing with Slimy is educational too. Squish it! Make cool shapes! Feel its clammy ooze gloop through your fingers! Stretch it! Smell it! Awaken your child's inner Michelangelo, improve your child's fine motor skills, and have some ooze-tastic, creative fun yourself!

Natural and Safe, Swiss Formula!

Please note: Slimy Green Planet 250ml (random design) is included per single purchase. Collect all four!

Designs may vary. This item will be shipped in randomly selected, assorted designs. We cannot guarantee which design you will receive.

Toy suitable for kids 3+ years.

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