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Chatimals Re-Loaded Monkey Bluetooth Interactive Soft Toys

Chatimals Re-Loaded Monkey Bluetooth Interactive Soft Toys

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This charming, Chatimals Re-Loaded Monkey is not only adorable but also highly interactive. A fun companion for kids that will keep them entertained for hours. Equipped with state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology, this toy allows for real-time, lifelike interactions. With it's easy-to-use design, this cuddly playmate encourages interactive play and conversation with just the press of a button. Its built-in microphone and speaker means that your new furry friend will respond to your voice and touch in a variety of ways. Whether you want to laugh, chat, dance, or sing along, the Chatimals Re-Loaded Monkey is ready to join in the fun. And with its endearing personality and plush design, it's sure to become a beloved companion for children and adults alike.

Product Features:

Talk back Functions: With our Chatimals Re-Loaded Monkey, it allows you to engage in lifelike conversations. To start, press its left paw to chat. Once the red light comes on, you can speak which language you prefer, and the monkey will repeat what you say once the red light goes off.

Bluetooth Wireless Function: Just press the Chatimals Re-Loaded Monkey right paw to activate the Bluetooth mode and connect to your smart devices and watch it come to life with synchronized dance moves and paw-tapping and head moves from side to side to your favorite tunes. It's a dance party like no other!

Educational Fun: Transform playtime into learning time with Chatimals Re-Loaded. Kids can develop essential communication skills while having fun, making it a valuable tool for both entertainment and education. Battery Required: Operates on 3 x AA / LR6 batteries

Item Dimension: 23cm x 24cm x 11cm

Packaging Dimension: 24cm x 14.5cm x 19cm

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