Too early for Halloween? ...Never!

Too early for Halloween? ...Never!

We know, we know, it's only just August, and we're here wanting to talk about Halloween while you're still enjoying your summer holidays! However, we think it's never too early to start thinking about what you and your children will wear for the greatest holiday of them all.

Halloween is a time for fun, candy, and costumes. While there are always new and trendy costumes to choose from, some classic Halloween costumes never go out of style. With that in mind, we've put together a list of our favourite Halloween costumes to get you in the spirit, and get you thinking about how you and your family can make 31st October the most fun ever!

Witches: Witches are a classic Halloween costume. They're spooky and mysterious and are a fab fancy-dress costume for adults and kids alike. With so many different ways to dress as a witch, you're bound to find an outfit that works for you as well as every other member of your family!

Ghosts: Ghosts are another popular Halloween costume. They are super simple to put together and can be as scary or as silly as you want them to be. What's more, you don't even have to buy one - you can make your own ghost costume with a white sheet and some markers - however, there are plenty of ready-made costumes available to purchase.

Mummies: Mummies are another excellent option for kids who want to be spooky but not too scary; plus, they're so easy to make, as you can just wrap your child in white bandages. Extra details, such as scars, fake blood, rubber snakes and even pretend insects, can make the costume even more realistic.

Dinosaurs: Perhaps not a Halloween costume in the traditional sense, but still massively popular! Dinosaurs can be an entertaining and creative choice for Halloween. With so many different dinosaurs to choose from, the whole family can dress up!

Princes and Princesses: A sweet and whimsical choice for Halloween and an excellent option for younger kids - Prince Charming and Cinderella will never be scary. With so many renowned princesses and princely costumes to choose from, you'll be spoilt for choice.

Pirates: Pirates are a classic Halloween costume for boys and girls. They're adventurous and exciting and provide hours of swashbuckling fun. You can choose from zombified to traditional Blackbeard-style costumes, and they're always available in a range of ages - perfect for the whole family.

Zombies: What embodies Halloween more than a good old-fashioned zombie. So easy to make yourself by simply ripping up some old clothes and adding some fake blood, or you can choose from a massive range of zombified outfits available online.

Whatever your choice of Halloween wear you don this October, make sure it makes you and your family smile and is comfortable to wear for a fun-filled evening of trick-or-treating or serious partying with your nearest and dearest.

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